Always looking forward

Navigating the future with our clients, offering innovative choices that can help to preserve prosperity and provide peace of mind.

The Lyman Group is a relationship-focused firm with 50 years of experience in asking the right questions, presenting choices, and creating financial strategies that advocate for our clients and their unique needs.

We work with people like you—individuals, professionals, business owners, and families—to offer big-picture financial planning, including retirement and long-term care, business succession, and executive compensation. We take pride in offering a safe and enlightening environment where you can answer life’s big questions and chart a course for you, your family, and future generations.

The Lyman Group Promise

We advocate for our clients every step of the way—offering education and support to make the necessary decisions that protect great legacies. Together, we’ll select the right tools to serve you and your success. If you’re the architect, think of us as your financial toolbox.


At TLG, we succeed by earning the trust of our clients—leading the way by exceeding expectations, listening carefully, and answering questions with insight and education.


Our process is simple: you articulate your goals and we hold firm to those objectives throughout the planning process, using them as a touchstone to respond to individual and economic changes with light feet. Because your needs are always changing, we offer annual reviews to help ensure your goals are being met.


We believe that understanding is essential to truly meeting your financial goals, thus, education is the most important part of our process. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, complex, or painful—we’re here to help.

A Vision for Your Future

A high level look at our services

The Big Picture

Do you have a big picture for your future? What does it look like? Do you have a plan to achieve it? We offer a 30-year promise to deliver answers to tough questions and help you navigate the obstacles you may face during your business career and lifetime.

Succession Planning

Building a successful business is no easy feat. With simple planning and clever solutions, we can protect the legacy of your business, your success, and the wellbeing of future owners and important executives.

Estate Planning

Together we’ll face the future head-on and protect your legacy, family, and the things they will remember about you for years to come. Your future is worth protecting.


Whether it’s life or disability, insurance offers value and protection to surviving families, estates, and businesses. Life insurance can also be a valuable benefit during one’s lifetime that’s uniquely protected from taxes.

Our People, Our Passion

The TLG team is a group of avid learners and innovative thinkers, committed to advocating for our clients as they navigate life’s questions and financial obstacles. We love what we do and our passion for our clients, their success, and the community of Seattle is expressed in our work.

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