Love Is As Simple As Thinking Forward

Sara and Ravi met in the back row of business class at U-Dub. He likes to say it was love at first sight; she likes to say that it took a few dates and a sailing trip in the San Juan Islands — and ultimately Ravi’s patience and care for her family — that sealed the deal. They were married just a few years after graduation in a small ceremony on Orcas Islands; and now, at the age of 40, they have been married for 13 years and live in Sammamish near the lake where Ravi rows every morning (rain pending of course!).

With good jobs and a lifestyle they love, Sara and Ravi make a collective income of $300,000 a year, but are concerned about the long-term care expenses they may face in the future. Living close by, Ravi and Sara have watched her parent’s retirement assets slowly diminish due to her father’s health condition, which requires ongoing care from her mother. Without additional resources to support them, they are looking to move out of their Queen Anne home — a home they’ve shared for 40 years and the place where childhood memories are stored for Sara and her younger siblings. While it may be too late for her parents, it’s not too late for Sara and Ravi to plan ahead.

Ravi likes to think he’ll continue his active lifestyle well into old age, but no one knows what the future holds, so they decided together to put a plan in place to ensure they were covered for any necessary long-term care. With an Index Universal Life Policy with a Long-Term Care Rider for Sara and Ravi both, they were able to acquire a $2 million dollar policy for income protection, with a $1 million long-term care rider that covers any future long-term care expenses.

Knowing that 70% of Americans eventually need long-term care and seeing how it’s affected her parents, it was an easy decision for Sara and Ravi. Now that they have a plan in place for their own future, they can continue to offer help and support to Sara’s parents, who have helped them along the way so many times before. Often times, love is as simple as thinking forward.

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