Big Picture

Imagine the future, the big picture. Do you have one? What does it look like? Do you have a plan to achieve it? We offer a 30-year promise to deliver answers to tough questions and help you navigate the obstacles you may face during your business career and lifetime.

Have you built a legacy or a business that you want to protect? As a key part of your personal worth, we guide you through the complexities of estate planning and the successful transfer of businesses and wealth to future generations. For business owners, we establish plans to properly compensate management, upholding promises and ensuring the longevity of top talent.

In addition to our support along the way, you’ll have access to tax attorneys and specialists who are part of our network of trusted advisors. Access to this kind of support helps us to provide even more personalized care for our clients and their extended network—welcome to the family.

As the CEO and a founding partner of Arnies Restaurants, I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Lyman Group for over 18 years. They have been essential to all of our strategic planning, risk assessment, and insurance needs. Michael was instrumental in the design and implementation of the buyout strategy for the sale of our business to a group of key employees, allowing us peace of mind throughout the process.

Robert Peterson, Arnies Restaurants

Upon being introduced to The Lyman Group, I immediately felt a sense of trust and wellbeing. Michael and his team have not only helped me invest in insurance, but have been instrumental with the big picture, including personal and professional succession planning. Michael’s invaluable advice serves as a sounding board for many big life decisions—going above and beyond what you expect when buying life insurance. Their team shares common values and offers a commitment to their customers that makes me look forward to working with them for many years to come.

- Kevin Koester, Apex Steel

Succession Planning

At the end of a successful career or business venture, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the next steps. With simple planning and innovation, we offer choices that protect the value of your business and the wellbeing of future owners and top executives. In order to protect your business and transfer its ownership, we collaborate with your advisory team to design funded strategies to meet your goals. Options include Buy/Sell plans, stock redemption plans, key-person plans, and split dollar plans.

The Lyman Group has been a key player in helping our company create a long-term succession plan and identify coverage for key leaders. Michael’s input and solutions have allowed us to feel great about a second generation of ownership in our company, and a successful exit for founding members.

- Dave Nichols, Sequoyah Electric

Estate Planning

What does your legacy look like today? What about tomorrow? It’s a big question and we understand that it’s daunting and complex. That’s why we strive to structure your plan with a goal of minimizing tax liabilities so that we can provide further value to you and generations to come.

Our team will work alongside your attorney, accountant, and investment advisors to develop a plan that’s actionable. Periodically, we’ll review your plan to see if we are meeting your goals and reducing liabilities so that you only have to worry about doing what you do best.

My family has used The Lyman Group for over 20 years—first to the benefit of my parents and now the next generation. Michael and his staff have been a partner in my estate planning and have provided me with insurance to fit my needs. Over these many years, I’ve been extremely pleased with their care and professionalism.

– Linda Carson


Life Insurance:

While life insurance provides incredible value to surviving families and preserves estates and businesses, it can also be a valuable benefit during one’s lifetime that grows tax deferred. When needed, the living application of life insurance can be structured to offer liquid cash value for important milestones like college education for children, immediate cash for emergencies, supplemental retirement income, long-term care coverage, and protection of the insured’s income. It’s so much more than death insurance—let’s explore your options.

Note: Loans and partial withdrawals will decrease the death benefit and cash value and may be subject to policy limitations, income tax, and includes the potential for policy lapse.

Disability Insurance:

In the event that an injury or condition prevents you from completing the core functions of your work, disability insurance helps to protect individuals, families, and businesses. Personally, it allows you to maintain a standard of living and continue saving for retirement, even when your ability to work is compromised. For a business, it offers funds that may buy out an owner’s interest if they can no longer play an active role in the business’s success.

As a member of M Financial Group, our clients have access to proprietary offerings. We’re able to share resources and expertise to offer the most innovative choices for our clients. Our personalized service and passion for your success goes without saying.

What do we mean by “proprietary offerings,” and how can they help you?
Let’s talk about it.

M Financial Group was founded in 1978 on the belief that “off-the-shelf” solutions don’t meet the needs of affluent and business clients. As a member of M Financial, we have the exclusive ability to bring you unique solutions with flexible options that we can innovatively modify to meet your needs.

Our partner carriers are industry leaders with whom we collaborate in order to bring you these solutions. An example you ask? Consider owning a life insurance policy and being rewarded for simply leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself. Sound good? That is just one solution that exists, and there’s more where that came from! We’d love to discuss your options with you.

How We Work

Annual Reviews:

Circumstances change all the time, so do your needs. To help ensure that your goals are always being met, we review each client’s plan and policy at least once a year. This gives us the opportunity to face changes dynamically and exceed your expectations along the way.


Your relationships with tax, legal, and financial advisors are important to your success, so we work by actively including your key advisors in the planning process, ensuring your whole team knows the plan and has your back. Missing a key member of your team? We have a network of professionals whom we trust with our most important assets—our clients.


Underwriting is the process of applying and being approved for insurance. Because it ultimately affects how much each client will pay for insurance, we guide our clients throughout the process. We also expedite the process electronically so that you don’t have to visit the office to get approved, making it fast, easy, and incredibly secure.

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