About The Lyman Group

Angelica Wilson

Director of Underwriting

From the moment she took her first business class, Angelica knew she wanted to work as a communicator—helping clients, advisors, carriers, and vendors facilitate clear and understandable solutions. In her 6 years with TLG, she has worked to be an advocate and negotiator on behalf of our clients, meeting the challenges of every new day with optimism and a chance to learn something new.

A natural peacemaker, Angelica sees her role of Director of Underwriting as critical in maintaining our clients’ trust and ensuring peace of mind. She acts as the carrier underwriter’s connection to the client, and does her best to make sure the process is as quick and efficient as possible.

When she’s not in the office, Angelica is drinking coffee while practicing her guitar or playing with her dogs. She also enjoys reading, crafting, and giving back to her community through service.


B.S., Business, University of Washington, Bothell