About The Lyman Group

Scott Lyman

Director of Marketing

A second-generation addition to the team, Scott already boasts a successful career in marketing and visual media. As the founder of SPL Pictures in San Francisco, he has produced award-winning documentaries and marketing videos for some of the world’s largest brands. As Director of Marketing at TLG, Scott seeks to create impactful visual and storytelling experiences for our clients and the world at large.

Scott’s approach to marketing is to meditate on the big picture—always searching for the next thing to focus his lens on. He believes that marketing best reaches our clients through visual clarity: letting them know what they are looking at in the simplest form possible.

There is rarely a weekend where you won’t find Scott seeking adventure, whether it’s hiking, exploring, traveling, boating or fishing. He dreams of one day charting the world by way of fishing in every viable watershed he can access.


B.A., Business Management, Menlo College