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Wealth Transfer

What does your legacy look like today? What about tomorrow?

We strive to create wealth transfer strategies with an evergreen goal of minimizing taxes, to help maximize the transfer of wealth and legacy to future generations

Estate Tax Funding: Creating a plan that meets your objectives and provides the liquidity for estate taxes to help ensure that what you put together, stays together for the next generation.

Legacy Planning: What will become of what you’ve created and how do you transfer those values and family principles on to the next generation? This is important stuff. Let’s work with your advisors and create a unique plan that suits you and your family.

Charitable Planning: Design a personalized plan that focuses on meeting the charitable giving objectives that matter to you most.

A Word From Our Clients

Linda Carson

My family has used The Lyman Group for over 20 years—first to the benefit of my parents and now the next generation. They have been a partner in my estate planning and have provided me with insurance to fit my needs. Over these many years, I’ve been extremely pleased with their care and professionalism.