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Proprietary Offerings

As a member of M Financial Group, our clients have access to proprietary offerings. We’re able to share resources and expertise to offer the most innovative choices for our clients. Our personalized service and passion for your success goes without saying.

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What do we mean by “proprietary offerings,” and how can they help you? Let’s talk about it.

M Financial Group was founded in 1978 on the belief that “off-the-shelf” solutions don’t meet the needs of affluent and business clients. As a member of M Financial, we have the exclusive ability to bring you unique solutions with flexible options that we can innovatively modify to meet your needs.

Our partner carriers are industry leaders with whom we collaborate in order to bring you these solutions. An example you ask? Consider owning a life insurance policy and being rewarded for simply leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself. Sound good? That is just one solution that exists, we’d love to discuss your options with you.