March 19, 2018

One-Way Ticket: Family Income Protection for High Earners

With two young kids and a husband who adores her, Lisa holds an executive position at Microsoft and often wonders how she got so lucky. Lisa and her husband Drew relocated to the Seattle area 12 years ago so that she could make a career transition into the technology space and they’ve never looked back. Though she didn’t have a job when they headed west with a one-way ticket, Microsoft hired Lisa after a few months of job searching and she quickly moved up through the ranks. She now has a team working for her, something she never could have imagined when she first completed her graduate program.

With a job that she loves and a family of three that counts on her income, Lisa’s primary financial concern is excess taxation due to her income tax bracket. Through a colleague at Microsoft, Lisa was introduced to us and thought it was time to explore her big-picture financial plan and how life insurance might benefit her family during her lifetime — something she had heard of, but never explored. At the age of 42 she didn’t think it was necessary yet.

After meeting with us to review her finances, long-term goals, and the future educational expenses for her kids, Lisa decided to purchase a Life Insurance Policy to provide family income protection if something ever happened to her. It’s a plan that will also offer access to tax-favored income during her lifetime that can be used for educational expenses for her two future computer programmers, or at least that’s what she likes to think!

The plan gives Lisa peace of mind knowing that her kids have tax-preferred financial resources for their education, affording them the same opportunities that she had: a good education and the freedom she had when she took the risk of boarding the plane to Seattle all those years ago.

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